Thursday, October 9, 2008

Beta #3

The beta level today was 230, so it's still increasing. However, I was hoping for a much higher level. My previous beta was 101 on Monday morning. This means that my doubling time is 2.52 days, which is within the "normal doubling time of 48-72 hours, yet I still worry. I know, I know I should just be happy that I'm pregnant and that for all practical purposes the pregnancy is still progressing. My frickin' history makes me over the top anxious about everything!

I called my local ob/gyn clinic to get the results, so I haven't talked with my reproductive clinic yet. I'm sure they will call me later today. I think I'll ask for another beta on Monday. Actually maybe I can get them to call in the beta to the hospital, so I can have it on Saturday or Sunday?!

So far today I'm not having any additional bleeding. I have a very, very scant amount of brown spotting on my panty liner, but didn't see much on my Endometrin applicator when I inserted it this morning. Of course I run to the bathroom every 5 minutes to check for bleeding. Thank goodness I'm at home today and tomorrow! We have teacher's conventions and can opt to work at home, so I'm home doing some grading (well I'm supposed to be) and am planning to work on some new assessments for upcoming units.

My 1st u/s is scheduled for 10/23/08, which seems like forever away! J is going to be out of town that whole week, so I'll have to go by myself. I thought about taking my mom, but she's a huge worry wart and would probably contribute to my anxiety. I may ask a close friend to come or I'll put on my "iron" and go by myself.

I need to do some deep breathing today and need to go get my "Panic attack" aromatherapy oil and my meditation cd. I think this little bean (and Mommy) is in need of some extra prayers, so if you are the praying type please send up some extra prayers today. If you could direct them to St. Anthony, the Saint of Miracles, that would be great!


Mrs. Spit said...

So directed!

Rebecca said...

Still praying!

Are you still having the bleeding?

Heather said...

SO glad to hear that so far everything is ok.... and I'll be sending up lots of those prayers!

Beth said...

You and your little bean are definitely in my thoughts and prayers.

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, that is good news. I will say some prayers for you, for J and for your little bean. If I have any regrets over the last few days, it is that I did not relax enough - I hope that you can, and if so, please give a detailed list on how you do it!

I would not be able to wait until Monday either - so do not be afraid to advocate for yourself and your peace of mind to get another beta over the weekend.


Dora said...

whoosh! That's me exhaling. I've been holding my breath for you.

You're doing great coping with this. I think you should definitely ask a friend to go with you for the ultrasound. I'll bet whichever friend you ask will be honored to be there for you and excited to share the experience with you. It's not like asking a friend to give you a shot in the ass or anything. ;-)

All good thoughts and prayers that this is the beginning of a healthy pregnancy and a healthy new addition to your family!

Amber said...

That's good news. Really, it is. I completely understand not having a lot of strength to hope right now, but I promise there are a lot of women out here doing plenty of hoping for you. Hang in there and keep us posted.

Tiffany said...

You got it hun! Prayers coming your way.

Travelwahine said...

Absolutely, praying right now.

I think it's great that you'll do some aromatherapy and meditation. Even just taking 10 deep breaths will do the job. Lay down and rub your belly and breathe.


Sheri-ct said...

I think that is a great increase! Did your RE agree to another beta this weekend? I'm praying really hard!

travelaunt7 said...

I'm so relieved that the beta went up and that the bleeding has stopped. Both are very good signs. You're in my thoughts.


me said...

My prayers are with you Niki.

I stumbled on your blog today, and immediately started praying for you.


Lost in Space said...

Holding you close and keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.