Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend 2011

Yesterday we had a fun-filled day shopping, dining, and playing. We took the boys to the play area of the local mall and they had a blast.

Last year the boys were too young to really participate in the holiday, but this year they really got into it. They found Easter eggs that were "hidden" in the yard and located their Easter baskets in the house. We had a beautiful sunny day and had a ton of fun playing with the boys outside. Here's a few photos of our fun-filled day...

After a long day of playing outside the boys still had energy to play with their mommy. Silas kept saying "cookie" (he says it as plain as day) and I couldn't help but think he was asking for just one more cookie:

Liam played hide and seek with me (one of his favorite games next to "chase Liam") and kept hiding behind the door. This is photo shows Liam's sheer joy when I "found him":