Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Stimming Update

I had my first follicle tracking scan today and I'm responding to the meds, but slowly once again. My "tired" ovaries seem to need quite a bit of medication to really get things cooking. My e2 is only 51, but that doesn't bother me because with IVF #1 my estrogen only got up to the 200's even though we retrieved 16 mature eggs (I know it's totally weird). I'm on 150IU Bravelle and 150IU Menopur in the morning and 300IU Bravelle in the evening. I go for another scan on Friday morning, but I'm guessing that I won't be ready for ET next Wednesday. If I had to guess, I'd say that ET will be pushed back a day or two. K goes for her lining check tomorrow and we're expecting a nice plush lining because she's been having an abundance of cervical mucus!


*Katie* said...

so excited for you!!