Thursday, June 25, 2009

Beautiful K & Our Totsicles

Today K stopped by when I was doing a big gardening project and I snapped this great photo of K and her boys. K is such a beautiful person inside and out and her boys are both great little guys too! K took another test today, but didn't photograph it. She said that the test was showed a 2nd pink line that was as dark as the control line. She also said she's having periodic low, mild cramping and sort of pinching. Other than that she doesn't feel any pregnancy symptoms yet. So, now we patiently wait for our beta on Monday.

I received a letter from my clinic today indicating that they froze 3 Grade A blasts, so we have a few snowbabies. I was have to admit I was hoping for a few more totsicles, but I won't complain. K is pregnant and we have 3 snowbabies, so life is good!


Rebecca said...

So happy for you...can't wait to hear how high the beta is!

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear about your FEs - that is good news that some made it.

I love that you typed "patiently" in front of waiting!

Lorza said...

awwww. Cute kids!! I love the Cubs jersey!! YEAH!!!