Sunday, June 21, 2009

J will always be a Daddy

We Have a Son

You weren’t supposed to be a boy and you weren’t
supposed to arrive so soon. Right from the beginning
we knew you were special.

We have a son with a sense of humor.

From the moment we saw you we knew you were ours.
With daddy’s (incredibly) good looks and mommy’s
fighting spirit how could we not know?

We have a son who possesses the best of our qualities.

Hour after hour day after day you defy the odds.
We get to know you better, you prove the doctors wrong.

We have an exceptional son.

You let mommy do your cares, you listen intently while
daddy doles out promises. You make a mother’s dreams come
true with your touch, you make a father exult.

We have a son willing to share.

While you rest your mother plans for her next visit and your
father shouts your name from the rooftops. You have already
touched so many peoples’ lives you are truly an inspiration.

We all have a son.

You fought ‘till the end making your parents so very proud.
You will always be here with us in our hearts, in our thoughts,
in our actions and in our dreams.

We will always have a son.

—Your Proud Daddy (J)


Kris said...

Beautiful, just beautiful...brought tears to my eyes. Thinking of you and J today and always.

Anonymous said...

((HUGS)) to you both today.

Tiffany said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Karma & Adam said...

This is amazing...and beautiful. Thinking of you today on Father's day.

Meg. said...

So, so touching.

J is such a proud daddy, as he should be.

I know Myles is smiling down on your today.


Kelly said...

That was so sweet and well written. (((Josh and Niki)))

Bobbi said...

Very touching!

Happy Father's Day J!!!!!

Poppy said...

Thinking of you both today.

Fingers still tightly crossed...

Tom and Margit said...

That is beautiful and so touching.
HUGS to both of you today!
Praying for K (and you always!)and the babies are settling in :)

Anonymous said...

Lots of hugs to both of you! Myles is with you always!

Busted said...

So touching. Thinking of you all today.

Jaymee said...

just beautiful.

happy father's day.

Wewurtskihit said...

J - happy Father's Day.

You tribute to Myles is amazing! Brought tears to THIS "macho man's" eyes!

Though you will never forget Myles, with GOD's help (and K's of course) you will be a father once again soon! If this poem is ANY indication, you will make one HELL OF A DAD!!!

Myles will be proud of yoU!


Bluebird said...

Beautiful. Thank you for sharing. The men who are married to all of my babyloss friends strike me as some of the best dad's I've ever known.