Friday, December 5, 2008

She always knows how to say the right thing

K read my recent blog post and sent me an email about it. She said that she's been wondering how I'd feel about doing a transfer so close to Myles's birthday and wanted to share her thoughts. This is what K had to say:

" ... let it be a blessing, you've been grieving daily, and if it brings even the smallest amount of joy to a sure fire sad day, let it! Maybe this slightly drawn out time line is Myles work, wanting to see his mommy smile close to his birthday rather than be so sad!"

I read this and immediately tears flooded my eyes. K is so understanding and empathetic. She seems to always know just what to say to me to help make me feel better! To think of my little Myles wanting me to be happy warms my heart! Thank you K for making me look at the overlap in the two events in a different way that does make me smile! K, you are truly my angel of hope!


Dora said...

That's wonderful! I agree with her completely. Of course Myles wants his mommy to be happy. You honor his memory by bringing a little brother or sister into the world.

That's one special cousin you have!

Lisa said...

That is very touching - I hope that happiness finds you often, you truly deserve it.

Tom and Margit said...

Niki-K's words speak wonders! She is truly an amazing woman and I am so happy you have her in your life!
You deserve it. I agree, I think Myles is doing some work up there in Heaven.
Thinking about you and sending HUGS!!


N said...

I agree completely, Myles wants his mommy to find joy in this journey, and it's an honor to his memory!

Travelwahine said...

Wow, I think we ALL love K. She is truly an amazing person. I wish you the best. And I agree Myles wants his Mommy to be happy.


JourneyofHope said...

What powerful words. It brought tears to my eyes.