Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve Dinner Party

Tonight I'm hosting a dinner party for 6 friends (was supposed to be 9, but 3 cancelled). I LOVE hosting parties, so I'm excited. Cooking is one of my favorite hobbies, but baking is another story! I absolutely hate to bake--one of the many things that Rachel Ray and I have in common! ;) Right now I'm prepping things and wanted to take a quick break to check on my blogworld friends! What are you doing for NY Eve?

Here's my menu for tonight:

-Bacon wrapped water chestnuts
-Cranberry turkey pinwheels
-Shrimp cocktail
-Olive tapendade with cracked pepper crackers
-Roasted red pepper spread on crostini

Salad: Mixed greens tossed with orange segments, parmeson cheese & an amazing orange vinaigrette served with crusty breads and herbed olive oil for dipping

Main Course:
-Grilled filet mignon
-Roasted garlic parmeson twice baked potatoes
-Almondine carrots

Dessert: Lemon berry trifle and coffee with Bailey's Irish Cream

Drinks: X-rated martinis made with ruby red grapefruit juice (these are my fave!), tons of wine, and of course a variety of way too expensive beer to please J

I'm sure I'm making WAY too much food, but that's pretty typical for me. I'd rather have tons of leftovers that not have enough food. I'll try to take some photos later and post them. So, what do you think of my menu?

(Tomorrow I will post my farewell to 2008 and the ringing in of 2009 ... I have so much to say!)


Mrs. Spit said...

What am I doing tonight?

I'm coming to your house!

Intending To Be Parents said...

That menu sounds amazing!!!
Have a wonderful night tonight with your friends ringing in the New Year!!

Gibson Twins said...

I think you should tell your guests to bring some clothes in the next size :) It sounds amazing, and holy moly are you ambitious!! I hope you have a fantastic New Years Eve!

Mo and Will said...


have a great time!


Kris said...

Niki- I LOVE to cook also! I would love to get a copy of some of your recipes if are up for sharing them:) I have always been one to cook way too much food, but I would never want my guests to go home hungry (how embarrassing!).

I hope you have a great New Years Celebration! And I hope to see you on Sunday!

Korndog said...

OMG that menu sounds amazing. Can I come too?

BTW, I'm a lurker and I'm not sure if I've every commented but, hi!

Lisa said...

Hi Niki - sounds awesome! We are having filet too and some king crab legs...

Happy New Year Niki.

Jen said...

I'm on my way! It all sounds great...especially those twice baked potatos! Wanna share the recipe?

Rebecca said...

Wow Niki, that sounds amazing! I hope you have a wonderful time tonight! ...did u get my message last week on myspace??? HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Lost in Space said...

Mmmmmm, wishing I were there! Hope you are having a great time!

Duck said...

Sounds so yummy. I did the same last night and cooked our way into 2009.
Our menu:
Pommergranit Champaign cocktails
Butternut Squash soup with carmeled mushrooms

Millet Pilaf, Lamb and Cilantro Garlic Wax Beans

Dark Chocolate moose with black berries

Bobbi said...

Your menu sounded delicous! Watch out Martha Stewart :) Hope the dinner party was a huge success!

Addysmommy said...

Niki too bad I wasn't at your party! Sounds delish!

Wewurtskihit said...

well..considering we had a traditional Southern German New Years eve dinner (European Wieners, Potatoe salad and booze) your menu sounds delicious and truly amazing!!!

2009 you will have to add Rice Cereal and BM though :-)!!!


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