Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

I know that Memorial Day is the official day that we celebrate and remember all the brave men and women who died serving our country, but for most it's also become a day when we remember and celebrate our loved ones who we've lost. The cemetaries are filled with beautiful, vibrant colored flowers (both fresh and fake) and the traffic in and out of the cemetary is constant. I go to the cemetary to visit Myles's grave almost daily and I usually sit at his grave with the peace and comfort of singing birds and wind chimes playing a tune in the blowing breeze. I occassionally see a visitor or two to a nearby grave, but for the most party I'm alone while I sit and remember. Today I am surrounded by people passing through the cemetary to pay tribute to their long lost relatives. I have to admit that I find myself slightly annoyed as I watch the constant flow of vehicles stream in and out. I'm irked because I wonder why people rely on a national holiday to remember their loved ones, but then I have to remind myself that people grieve and remember differently. Just because they don't go to the cemetary daily doesn't mean that they don't miss those they've lost and just because they aren't there doesn't mean they aren't remembering. I know that when I'm not there at Myles's grave I'm still loving, missing, and remembering my son. A huge thanks to all of my friends and family who are remembering Myles with us today and every day!

Here are some pictures of Myles's grave. I've added a few items since I took the first couple of photos, but you can see them individually pictured at the bottom.

The flower arrangement I made for Myles.

A hanging pot of flowers from Grandma Kristi & Grandpa Joe.
A space shuttle from my dear friends, M & J, and their late son, Charley.

A Brew Crew ball from special Auntie D and Uncle J.

A cute ceramic frog from my blogger friend, Cortney.


Duck said...

Thinking of both of you guys today (and I really like the frog).

Just wanted to let you know that I shut down the blog - but - I will continue to follow along with you and K! You know how to reach me if you ever need an ear.

Anonymous said...

I love that you can decorate Myles' grave. At the cemetery where Aaron is, they say that we can't even leave rocks on top of the grave stones (Jewish tradition) or it'll break the lawnmowers. :-( One time, I left a lawn ornament...a flower-shaped pinwheel...and within a week it was gone and NOT returned to me. NOT fair!

HUGS to you today and every day!


Kelly said...

Myles stone is decorated so beautifully! It really shows what a caring mommy you are to him.

Jaymee said...

it is very beautiful.

the flowers a really nice.