Friday, May 1, 2009

IVF Calendar

We finally received our official calendar for the upcoming cycle. I am doing the antagonist protocol again. I am so excited! I called to order my meds and K ordered hers too. We are both very excited to get this cycle underway.

Here's the plan for IVF #2: (it doesn't feel right to call it IVF #5 since this is only my 2nd ER)

5/12: K starts lupron
5/27: My baseline u/s
5/30: I start stims (Men.pur & Brave.lle)
6/3: My 1st follicle tracking scan (u/s)
6/10: Estimated ER
6/15: Estimated ET to K
6/25: Beta #1
6/27: Beta #2

This cycle is going to be a little different being actively involved in the process, but I think it will make me feel more a part of things. It's not that I didn't feel like I was involved in the last cycle with K because I did, but I felt a lot of guilt that K was the one getting poked and prodded while I sat by watching. Since we're doing an ER this time, I'll get plenty of poking and prodding and will likley surpass K in that department. However, I still consider myself fortunate not to have to endure the horrid PIO. I'm already feeling bad for K's bum! Do you remember the photos of her welts and bruises from the last cycle? I know K's a trooper, but damn that looks like it hurts! The ball is rolling ....


M said...

That's so exciting to have the calendar :) Best of luck this cycle!

Is K able to do the suppositories? I am using the Crinone gel and LOVE IT! Much better and less mess than even the regular suppository and MUCH less pain than PIO. Highly highly recommend it!

Meg said...

Wow, lots to comment on. No idea how I found your blog a while back but I have read and learned so much from your life with Myles. I have so much hope you you all and I am here for the journey. So happy you have a schedule in place!

Jaymee said...


Sheri-ct said...

So exciting! Can't wait to cheer you on!

Wewurtskihit said...

ALl Luck in the world to you guys!!

Happy cycling!!!!

MyLifeMyWorld-SharingADream said...

Oh how very exciting to finally get the calendar. I can't wait till you actually get started.

Poor K's bum....we surrogates definately know what that's all about, probably the worst part of it all...BUT, suppositories and PIO is the best I think, aggressive but the best.

And if she starts getting hives/itching, she can take reactine, it's safe for baby.

Bluebird said...

So excited, and so proud of you all for moving forward. Thank you all for allowing us to walk this path with you. Always thinking of you!

Duck said...

Your a month ahead of us, we have been delayed and our K's tests need to be taken again so we will start again at the end of may, with transfer in July.
Needless to say, I'm excited for the both of you, and look forward to cheering you on.

Brenda said...

I wish you the best of luck. Iwas a surrogate and gave biorth to a healthy 9lb 7.5oz baby boy feb. 17th. I feel bad for "K" but bear warning it could be worse. At first I had a friend giving me the progesterone (IM) in the rear, then my help had to leave and I had to do it to my self in the thigh, but I had only given children IM injectons and did as I would for a toddler; the wrong spot for me! I hit a nerve which is unbearably painful and ended up with a welt the size of a softball. On top of that I damaged the nerve so much that when I walked I limped for 4 days after and my leg would fall out from under me randomly. I then asked about the proper place for the injection and did npot have that problem again. My leg was ifne after a week but I was still so frightened before every injection. Again best of luck!

MyLifeMyWorld-SharingADream said...

I tagged you...just so you know

Erica said...

Great news, Niki! Enjoy the vag cam. :)