Monday, March 16, 2009

Hola from Mexico!

I finally convinced J that we should spend the $60/wk to have wireless internet, so I thought I'd post a quick blog update while J is still sleeping (we had a late night in the club last night). Our travels here were smooth and uneventful and the resort it absolutely beautiful, but I have to admit I was disappointed to see kids here. I just really needed to get away from kids/babies right now. This isn't a very "kid-friendly" resort and we are surprised that people would bring their kids here, but we try to ignore them as best as we can. We are enjoying the warmth of the Mexico sun and the chill of the cold drinks. The ocean is a bit too cold for us (you'd think Wisconsinites could handle the cold?!), so we sit around the pool most of the day, which is okay anyway because it's closer to the bars! :)

I have to admit that being here is like an escape from my reality, but I'm worried when I get home my reality is going to come crashing down on me in a huge way. :( We will be meeting with my RE to discuss the plan of action for IVF #2. I'm hoping that I have a similar response (19 eggs retrieved, 16 mature, 8 blasts), but am worried of course that being two years older might hurt me. I do plan to discuss PGD with my RE. I know that PGD is not as good as CGH, but I don't have that option with my clinic (and we're not ready to go to CCRM yet). PGD has it's limitations, but it also has it's value. I think it might be helpful for us. I would like to know that I'm transferring chromosomally normal embryos to my carrier, so I can significantly reduce (or hopefully eliminate) the chance of another miscarriage. It pains me that I've introduced K to this sad world of loss and that the reason she is experiencing this physical and emotional pain is because she wanted to help us. The injustice of that is killing me! Someone who gives so selflessly should NOT have to suffer in any way! So, if PGD helps us to insure that more pain won't befall our wonderful, amazing, selfless, giving carrier, then we will do it!

Okay, back to my escapre from reality ... here's a couple of pics of us in Mexico:

BTW ... Today is K's birthday, so please wish her a very, very happy birthday! She so deserves to be treated like a queen today and every day! :)


Bluebird said...

You look beautiful! LOVE your hat :) And I hope the smile is real :) (at least somewhat).

Glad you checked in - I've been thinking about you! Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip and make it home safe and sound. . .

And happy birthday to K!

N said...

Happy birthday, K! I hope you guys have some fun and some peace in Mexico, it's deserved.

Anonymous said...

It looks like you are having a good time!

Happy birthday K!

Intending To Be Parents said...

You look great! Hope you both get some good R&R! Love that top of yours in the last pic - so cute!! Try to enjoy yourselves and soak up some good rays!

Happy birthday to K!!

Anonymous said...

Happ Birthday K!

You guys look like you are having a good time and relaxing despite the heartache deep down. I agree with Bluebird, you look so beautiful!

Enjoy the rest of your trip, soak up some sun and have plenty of refreshments.

Korndog said...

Happy birthday K, I hope you have a great one, you deserve it.

I hope you guys are having a great time in Mexico. We went for our honeymoon last year (to the Adventura & Xpu-Ha) and I can't wait to go back.

Sticks and Stims said...

I have been thinking of you and wishing you well. NOt sure if it makes you feel better or worse, but you look beautiful.

Happy Birthday K, I hope you are hanging in there. Feel free to email me at if you ever need to "talk".

Nikki - thanks for checking in on me, even in light of a direct order not to! - you are the best -I hope I will have good news for you soon.

A Mom in Jacksonville, FL said...

Happy Bday to K!

Glad you and DH are able to have some R&R time.

Kelly said...

You guys look hot! LOL I hope you are enjoying yourselves as best you can.

Happy Birthday to K!!!

Jacinta said...

Happy Birthday K! I hope you have a wonderful day.

You guys look very glamourous and happy. Well done for getting to the pool and have a sweet delicious margarita for us.
Maybe the vacation will just put enough time between the shock and the next phase. I truly hope so!