Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Myles--one week old

When I arrived bright and early the night nurses had put up a Happy One Week Birthday sign for Myles. As soon as I got there I sang Myles a little birthday song and read him "I Love You Stinky Face". J stayed back at the Ronald McDonald House to get a little extra sleep, so I had tons of alone time with my little boy. I just sat by his isollette and stared at him all morning.

Today was one of those days that all those with little ones in the NICU dread--the head scans for brain bleeds. J and I were on pins and needles all morning awaiting the news. Fortunately at noon Dr. J told us that all looks perfect--not even the smallest of bleeds was present. Another positive that occurred this day was that they were able to wean Myles down to just 1 blood pressure med (he had been on 4-5). This allowed us to breath a big sigh of relief for awhile. We were convinced that Myles was feeling the strength of all who are thinking of him, praying for him and cheering him on in his fight. I know we could feel all the love each and every day we logged on to his CarePage.

One of Myles's nurses gave him a "Rock Star" award today because he was having such a great day! We couldn't wait to tell Uncle J that his little nephew was already a rock start just like him!

Tomrrow afternoon I'll post pics of K and I at the clinic, our embryos, and an update on how things went at the ET. Keep sending all those positive thoughts our way!


Mrs. Spit said...


Lisa said...

Oh Niki - I am sending good thoughts your way, I cannot imagine how you must be feeling through all of this. You are such a good mother to Myles.

I am looking forward to hearing about the ET.

A Mom in Jacksonville, FL said...

Your strength is inspiring.

Intending To Be Parents said...

Sending lots of positivity!!

Lisa said...

How wonderful that his one week birthday was such a good day for you all. Those good days in the NICU are just the thing you need to get you through the not so good ones.

Praying for great things for you today!

Rebecca said...

Praying all goes well with the ET. (((Hugs)))

Kris said...

Thinking and praying about you and K today! And still remembering Myles!

Travelwahine said...

Remembering Myles with you. He was a little fighter.

Sending you hugs and I'm sure Myles will be sending you some of his strenght to get through the FET. Hugs.

Rebecca said...

I've been clicking all day waiting for an ET update...please check in when you can!