Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Myles--6 days old & Surrogacy Update

Not much to say about this day. Family and friends were still visiting, but all left today in the early afternoon. J and I spent a lot of time just hanging out with Myles and chatting with the nurses. I continued to pump every 2 hours and was getting only a few ounces each pumping. I was really bummed about this, but given that Myles hadn't even been given any breast milk yet I was building up quite a stock of it.

I would catch Myles sucking on his hand or fingers and thought it was so cute! He didn't let that darn breathing tube stop him from sucking away. Here's a picture that I took showing how he'd suck on his hand. Myles looks so precious and peaceful sucking his thumb while sleeping as his friends watched over him.

BTW ... I appreciate all of you blogreaders following along and remembering Myles life with me. Your visits and comments mean a lot to me. Many hugs to all you wonderful people! Also, you may have noticed that I changed the days on my posts. I had them mixed up for some reason.

On the surrogacy front ... K's taking the PIO like a true rock star! She says they don't hurt, so either she's got buns of steel or her dh has the best technique around! On a funny note the first night K's dh did the shot he made a reference to how he used to have to give shots to pigs, so it should be pretty similar. K reminded him rather quickly that she's his wife not a pig! Hilarious!

In about 36 hours Dr. S will be placing our two snow babies into K's warm, fluffy, inviting uterus! It seems so surreal that the day is so close! I'm hopeful, yet scared out of my mind. It's hard to find hope in the wake of so much devastation and heartache. After awhile you start to expect only bad things to happen to you, but I think it's about time that something good come our way again!


Tanya said...

That is the most adorable picture.

I'll be cheering for your snowbabies.

Mrs. Spit said...

Such a lovely boy.

And good luck with the transfer. I shall be thinking solid, implanting thoughts.

Intending To Be Parents said...

You have been through so much and I know it's hard for you to expect good things, but good things will happen - I (and everyone else) will remain very positive for you! I'm picturing those snowbabies snuggling right on in!!

Donna said...

I love seeing all of the pictures of Myles.

Good luck with the transfer. I am sending all kinds of positive thoughts your way!

Jamie said...

Myles is the sweetest boy!!! He always looks so peaceful in his pictures. I am crossing my fingers, toes, and anything else that can be crossed that your snowbabies will flourish in K and you will have a baby in our arms in a very short and uneventful 9 months!!

abgs said...

What a precious picture.

Wishing you all the best of your upcoming transfer, may your 2ww fly by..

Lisa said...

That is one of my favorite pictures of Myles!

I cannot believe the transfer is so close - you must be so excited!

I loved the buns of steel comment!

Anonymous said...

Such a cute pic! Good luck with the transfer and I'll be sending lots of sticking vibes to you, K and J!

travelaunt7 said...

Such a precious picture of Myles.

You are absolutely in need of good news. I'm wishing you the best for the transfer. I'm sending lots of sticky baby dust.


A Mom in Jacksonville, FL said...

Awwww! SO cute!

Hooray for Snowbabies! Hope all goes well with the transfer.

Dora said...

Beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing Myles' journey with us.

Wow! Almost transfer day. Just 2 weeks ahead of me!

Lost in Space said...

What a precious picture of your sweet boy.

I'm sorry things are feeling so bittersweet right now....missing your Myles while trying to find the joy in your upcoming transfer. All my best to you and K. Hugs, hun.

Dalene said...

What a sweetheart, sucking his thumb like that.

Addysmommy said...

I love this picture Niki! It makes me giggle! :)

Praying for your snowbabies! :)

Polly Gamwich said...

I so hope this is it. What an intense time ... I hope the next 2 weeks (and 36 hours) go by quickly and that those babies nestle on in there.

I'll be checking for updates =)