Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's me, "K"....

*This blog is not meant to take any thing away from Niki's nursery blog, it is far more important* ....this is unfortunately one of the few spare moments I have to post!

What's new with me: MY PIO BUTT SHOTS ARE ALMOST OVER...I've been getting shots in my bum for at least 16 weeks, and for quite a while 2x/day! Thursday night I will receive my last shot and would like all who are willing to say a toast to no more sore butt!

This of course means other grand things...like we're entering the 2nd trimester! YIPPEEE Friday is the 12 week mark and we couldn't be more elated! HOWEVER, sweet little Niki (and many more of you infertiles) have taught me that 12 weeks isn't always the safe point (which my naive self once believed). So I will continue to pray, be safe and care for Niki and J's sweet little twins the best I can, but each milestone deserves to be celebrated and I am a firm believer in a positive attitude!

Tomorrow we have our NT ultrasound, a little piece of me is nervous, but my ever growing abdomen leads me to believe that everything is perfect!

Happy hopeful thoughts to all of you!

:-) K


Meg. said...

K! You're the greatest! =)

As a fellow infertile who will need the assistance of a surrogate to meet her bio babies, I am so humbled and overjoyed by the gift you are giving Niki and J.

And Horray for no more PIO! You're a trooper. =)

I can't believe the first trimester is already over! Time really does fly.

Take care of yourself, and keep up the good work. =)

Bluebird said...

WOO HOO for no more PIO! I'm sure your butt will enjoy the break.

Always good to hear from you :)

Gibson Twins said...

You know with twins you have gained even more ground since 36 weeks = term! So 12 weeks is officially 33% complete! How's that for a positive spin? :)

K, what do you think you're growing for Niki and J? Boys? Girls? One of each?

Niki, what flavor of babies do you think K is growing for you guys?

Well wishes for the NT scan and so glad you're all heading into second trimester so smoothly.

LK said...

Niki is so blessed to have you. :) What a great and uplifting post, and I can't WAIT to hear tomorrow about the NT scan!

Holly said...

Yes I was high risk with my daughter since I had my son at 33 weeks due to severe Preeclampsia. Everyday was a milestone and once I reached 33 weeks and more it was better. I pray everything goes well for you all tomorrow and a very uneventful next 6 months!

Keep those babies cookin!!!

Sheri-ct said...

Hi K,

You ROCK! And good luck tomorrow!!!!!


Infertile In the City said...

Hi k!
Glad your back and posting, I have been cheering you on from up here!! You are doing great and the PIO will be over soon (your poor butt). Try not to worry about the scan, I am sure that little A and B will be just fine.

Mrs Emilee said...

Love your blog! Gives me so much hope!

Glad things are working out for you as well, and hope things get better!

Our Life in Pixels said...

Found this blog through bustedbabymakers.
I must say that you are an amazing person for doing this for your cousin. My heart is moved. I believe that God puts this desire to do this into special people. I have always had the desire to be a surrogate, but I'm not sure if I will ever get a chance to do this for someone. Perhaps one day.

May God be with you all as you go on this wonderful journey together. I look forward to keeping up w/ you guys via this blog.

Thought and Prayers, Sarah

Kelly said...

Cheers to no more shots! Those are the worst! Can't wait to hear about the twins tomorrow. You're doing a great job of carrying them!!

niobe said...

Yay for being almost 12 weeks!

Rebecca said...

You ROCK K!!!

I will so be raising my Mojito in honor of your hiney on Thursday evening!!!

Niki said...

Kealy I LOVE it when you post on the blog! You are an absolutely AMAZING woman! The gift you are giving us is something so profound. It's hard to fully express our gratitude! We love you and couldn't be happier that our babies have such an amazing guardian!

Jacinta said...

K, you are a wonderful human being.

Dora said...

YAY for the end of PIO. It's been over 11 weeks since I stopped it and I still have some numbness and soreness. You are awesome to do this for Niki and J.

Karma & Adam said...

Nice to hear from you K!
How awesome to finish the PIO shots - and to almost be entering the second trimester. Hope you're feeling well. Great job on cookin' those peanuts!