Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lining check #1

Yesterday I went for my 1st lining check. After 9 days of estrogen my lining was around a whopping 6mm, which believe it or not is ahead of schedule **for me**. When I got pregnant with Myles my lining was this thick after several more days of estrogen and last cycle it wasn't even this thick (if you call it that) at this point. So, my RE says he thinks my lining will get between 7-8mm by transfer and we're fine with that. It was just under 7mm at transfer when I got pregnant with Myles.

I decided before going into this cycle that I wasn't going to obsess and fret over my lining. This is what my defective body can do and fortunately it's good enough for my embryos. Linings like this and even much thinner got be pregnant 4 other times, so I have to believe that it will happen again.

I added two Vivelle dots, which I am to change every Friday and Monday, and am to stay on 0.3cc delestrogen IM injections every other day, estrace pills vaginally inserted 4x/day, and Viagra suppositories 4x/day. I go back on Tuesday for another lining check and unless some strange thing happens where my lining starts shrinking (I don't count this out as stranger things have happened to me with IF) I will be doing the FET on 9/23. Hopefully one of the two hatching blasts we transfer will find my uterus warm and inviting and will nestle in for the long haul!

(I should add that I'm not looking for any suggestions on how to get my lining thicker because I've probably tried them all at one point or am currently doing them! ;) My RE and I believe that this is what my body can do and I'm trying to learn to accept it and hopefully embrace it.)


Jen said...

Niki, you amaze me with all you have to go through. I'm sending you lots of sticky vibes for those two little hatchers!

Travelwahine said...

I will be thinking of you and praying that your embies are sticky ones. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Travelwahine said...

I saw Dr. Licciardi answered your question. Awesome. I love his blog.