Monday, January 18, 2010


by "Auntie" D.P.
(one of my bff's)

I was thinking of you today
And wishing you were here
Your Mommy and Daddy miss you so
And wish they could hold you near
I’ll never know why some things
Happen as they do
But I am so very glad
That I was able to meet you
I remember seeing your first picture
It was in black and white
The dream your parents hoped for
It was such a precious sight
Your Mommy and I talked for hours
About her hopes and dreams for you
She loved you before she met you
She would do anything for you
Your Dad was excited about the news
That a little one was on the way!
At one point he claimed he would change no diapers
“HA!” Was what your Mom had to say!
You were born so very early
And had so many odds to overcome
And Mom and Dad stayed by your side
To help you fight everyone
I remember when we first met you
I held your hand and said “Hello”
“It’s us, your Auntie and Uncle, Myles”
“And we both love you so”
We didn’t share any words
Though you spoke right to my heart
You were such an amazing little boy
And you were a fighter right from the start.
Your life on earth wasn’t long enough
An irreplaceable 26 days
You filled the hearts of your family with love
And changed us in so many ways.
I hope you like the balloons I send
Over the rainbow and headed your way
I send them on special occasions
And even for an “I miss Myles” day
I look forward to talking with your siblings
And telling them all about their brother Myles
But your Daddy will really say it best when he tells them
Myles was full of smiles
Thank you little buddy
For bringing us all such joy
You will never be forgotten Myles
You precious little boy.


Ashley & Chris said...

I'm in tears, actual tears. I'm speechless. Beautiful poem and you have no clue how much that poen touches my heart.
Lots of Love Myles.

Bonny said...

beautiful, I have no other words, just beautiful

Anonymous said...


tootertotz said...

Wow...sometimes there is a way to put love into words. All said beautifully.

travelaunt7 said...

What a beautiful poem. We all miss you Myles. Happy Birthday!

Bluebird said...

Beautiful. And what a special friend to write such sweet words for your sweet boy.

jamie said...

what a beautiful poem for a wonderful little boy.

Kristie said...

That was very wonderful D! We miss you Myles!

Leah said...

Wow- beautiful-what a precious boy Myles is.

Kelly said...

Sweet little Myles loved more than the world could know..(((Niki)))

Saffy said...

Myles, in NZ it's your 2nd birthday already. Can you believe that very soon you're going to have 2 little brothers ? We know how much your mom and dad (and K and a whole bunch of other people) love you, and there's always more love to give, so your family is one big bunch of love and your brothers are going to be showered with hugs - just the way you'd want it. Happy Birthday Myles x

Meg. said...

Happy birthday to your sweet angel. What a special poem. *hugs*

Poppy said...

so beautifully touching...

Kay said...

Happy Birthday Myles...

NotGivingUpYet said...

What a beautiful tribute to an amazing life that continues to touch hearts every day. Happy Birthday, Myles!

Kris said...

Beautiful! Thinking of you all today!

JAMCAT's said...

Hi Niki - I tried looking for your e-mail address on here and can't seem to find it. Can you e-mail me at
I would like to send you an e-mail.


Kim said...

I too have tears rolling down my cheeks. That is such a precious poem for such a special angel.

Just another infertile girl... said...

Happy Birthday Myles!

Anonymous said...

I am crying,these words touched my heart.He was so loved.Hope he is looking over his mom and dad and his aunt and uncles and wishing his twin brothers well.