Sunday, December 27, 2009

Something Fun

I just bought a set of 12 of these stickers called Picky Sticky that you put on your baby's onsie each month to chronicle their growth through photos. My friend, J, recommended them, and I thought they were so adorable that I had to buy them! I think they will make for some cute scrapbook pages! I ordered a set for each of the boys (Watch me Grow - Mister Fister) and a girly set (Watch me Grow - Missy Fissy) for a friend who's expecting a little girl around the same time the boys are due (if you are reading this S.H. don't go buying yourself any because yours are on their way!).


Saffy said...

I've got these too and they are the cutest!!!! (also thanks to a certain J for putting me onto them :) )

Cali said...

Cute idea!

MyLifeMyWorld & Growing Families said...

That's a great idea! The things they got now a days blow me away. :)

Sounds like your having a lot of fun planning and preparing, not long to go now!