Thursday, December 31, 2009

31 Weeks

K is still doing amazingly well! Today at 31wks she's measuring 43wks. Her blood pressure is great and swelling minimal. Both boys had heart rates in the 140s and appear to be growing based on K's ever expanding belly. We didn't have an ultrasound today, so we'll have to wait until 1/15 to see them.

K has been having contractions periodically, but mainly seem to come after she's been standing all day at work. Even these are few and far between and don't seem to be anything to worry about. Yesterday was the first day that K was a little worried about contractions. Liam is still breech and kicks down on her cervix hard. While kicking down yesterday he was causing some painful contractions that spread upwards from the cervix. Fortunately Liam settled down and so did the contractions. The ob said that this often happens when the uterus becomes irritable from the direct kicks to the cervix and didn't seem slightly phased by this news. He did mention that he can probably schedule the c-section for 38wks, which would be 2/19, but doesn't seem too optimistic that she'll get to that point because according to the ob over half of of twins are born by 37wks.

The ob does feel quite confident that the boys won't come before 34wks, which is encouraging to us! If they do come before 34wks, K will be transferred to a different hospital with a Level III NICU. I asked to have her transferred to a different hospital than the one where I delivered Myles--too many memories. I think the NICU care Myles received was wonderful, but I just don't want to go back to that place. The ob and K understood and were fine with that. We're feeling confident that this won't even be an issue because these boys are going to bake for at least 3 more weeks! Keep your fingers crossed for us! It seems surreal for me to think that in a month I could have two babies! WOW, WOW, WOW!! It makes me teary to even think about. K you are AMAZING and my angel on Earth!

Happy New Year's Eve! I can't wait for 2010 ... it's going to be an AMAZING year!


Anonymous said...

Yay! Glad to hear all is well with the boys, and K. She looks fabulous!

I can completely understand not wanting to go back to the same hospital where Myles was. I would feel the same if I were in your position.

It's getting close now! I better finish knitting all these presents quick! :)

Love, Becca

Anonymous said...

K - beautiful belly!!! I will post a picture of mine soon - I am pretty close to you right now!!!

I am so happy - it is right around the corner and those boys are going to be there with you so, so soon.


Meg. said...

Amazing amazing AMAZING! They're almost here!!! =D

Kay said...

Just Beautiful!! What an awesome "Twin Bump"!
Yep, just about a month to go!! If I were going to wager a guess on when the boys will be here, I would say late 35/early 36 weeksish is what I am feeling. I could totally be wrong...

When do we get to start betting pool??

James, Dawn and Family said...

I hope your cousin knows how BEAUTIFUL she looks. BTW the nursery is beautiful!!

Poppy said...

Certainly sounds as if everything is going picture perfect!

It won't be long now!!

Happy 2010!

Lisa said...

Just another formerly "intended" Momma stopping in to say congrats and wish you good luck!

You never know - they may just bake in there until that 38th week. My cousin (our gestational carrier) carried my boys for 38 weeks and 3 days!! She did great (sounds so similar to your K), oh but she was so ready to be done at the end! Given that my guys were born at 7 lbs. 2 oz. and 6 lbs. 13 oz., I can;t blame her for wanting to be done at that point :) It was amazing - and they went home with us the next day!

I am hoping for that same wonderful luck for you guys!

Gibson Twins said...

Beautiful pics, and awesome that you have a delivery plan in place!

My twins were born at 34w6d and went straight into a step-down nursery (a Level 2 NICU). Three more weeks is TOTALLY DOABLE and we're rooting for you, K, and those boys!

Kandi Ann said...

Not sure why, but I felt drawn to tell you (maybe so your worry meter can fall even further down and you can enjoy these last few weeks)I saw on Maternity ward today a 31 (yes, 31) weeker born and they said that 31 weeker tested positive for ready lungs (not verbatim). So, now its just baking time, cause u know, your boys are over achievers already. And did you realize they share three of the same letters in their name? Of course I am sure you did since you put them up. I just found that so fitting for twins. xoxo, Kandi

Lost in Space said...

K looks great and it sounds like everything is going so well.

I love your nursery pics. The last one was my favorite. Holy clothes!

You are on your way to meeting Myle's baby brothers so very soon, Niki!

Funsize said...

K looks great! Looking forward to the next few weeks!


MyLifeMyWorld & Growing Families said...

Yeah for 31 weeks! Your right, the average for twin births is between 34 and 36 weeks, but hopefully she'll make it to the latter end or later. Her uterus is measuring 43, WOW. How is she feeling? How's the back?

Your doing so great K, not long to go now!

I'm so excited for you. It has been a long hard road and your nearing the end, where you'll make a whole new turn on a new street in parenthood, with babies screaming and diapers stinking and all the baby love you can imagine!

the Mom said...

10 years ago, I had a 30 weeker who is now a champion gymnast. Your boys will hang in there, but if they decide to come early, it will be okay.

~Denise~ said...

Fantastic update!!