Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Miracle Baby" Birthday Party

This past weekend we went to a birthday party hosted by our RE and his clinic. They do this every year to celebrate all the "miracle babies" they helped to conceive. The boys were able to meet their first babysitters, the embryologists, as well as some of the nurses and of course, Dr. S, our wonderful RE. The party was hosted at the Mall of America's aqaurium, Underwater Adventures, and the boys absolutely loved watching all the fish. While walking through the aqaurium tunnel Liam laid back to watch the sharks, rays, and large fish swim over our heads and also enjoyed standing up next to the sides with his hands on the plexiglass watching the fish swim by. Silas seemed to enjoy looking at the jellyfish in the small tanks, but seemed a little scared when J put him right next to the plexiglass of the tunnel. It was so much fun to watch them taking it all in. I love seeing life through their eyes where everything is new and so amazing!

A family photo at Underwater Adventures: (it's blurry but the only one we took)

The four of us with Dr. S (who's eyes are closed):

The boys with Dr. S:

Underwater Adventures Family Photo:


Kris said...

Sorry the pic of you guys is blurry! I wish I would have taken another one! :)

Jill said...

Niki- this is the COOLEST thing ever! What a great idea. Liam and
Silas definitely are miracle babies!

Anonymous said...


Kim said...

I loved the pictures! It's so great to see the boys with the Dr. You can tell that he is a great doc by the joy all over his face holding those wonderful boys.

Anonymous said...

Great photos of a wonderful occasion. Thanks for sharing.

Dora said...

That's very cool. Would love it if my clinic did that. The boys are so adorable!!

goldenjag25 said...

How cool of the RE to throw a party like that!!! The boys are so cute and you guys look really happy. Yay!!!

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