Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Myles!

It's hard to think that Myles would have been 3 today. I remember very vividly the day he was born and can't believe that it was three years ago already. I miss Myles just as much today as I did the day he left us, but somehow, some way I have learned to live life and smile again. Time softened the edges of the hole in my heart, but the wound still remains. The pain comes and goes, but comes less frequently. Liam & Silas have helped me to love life again, but neither of them can take Myles' place. I often look at my two living boys and wonder if Myles would be like either of them in looks and/or personality. I wonder if he'd be fiesty like Liam or serious like Silas. I wonder what it would be like to have a 3 year old. If only things were different then I would know. I feel Myles' energy around me often and like to think of him smiling somewhere over the rainbow. I miss you Mr. Myles and love you dearly my sweet boy! Happy 3rd Birthday Smyles!


Heather said...

Happy birthday, sweet baby boy! You are so loved!

Kim said...

What a beautiful post Niki, I have chills! I'm happy to read that you feel his spirit with you. Our babies will always have a special place. I think of you often:) Big hugs..

Saffy said...

Happy Birthday little man. Loved lots, forever.

Lucy said...

Happy birthday to Myles

Denise Seykora said...

Happy Birthday sweet boy......may you feel all of your mommy, daddy's and big brothers love.

Peace be with you Niki~ I thought your post was beautiful.

Susan said...

I have read your blog for awhile now. Not sure how I found it. I just wanted to let you know that the pain will always be there but will continue to dull with time. I lost my daughter the day after she was born. She would be 16 this year. You do learn to go on and to fill the hole but you will never forget.

Anonymous said...

Dear Niki,
I have followed your and Myles' story for a long time, but this is my first comment. I remember Myles around this time of year, and wanted to let you know that he has touched many lives.
Happy Birthday, sweet Myles. Your courage continues to be an inspiration to me.

Myles' story is one of the stories that has inspired me to conceive of an art project to commemorate lost lives and raise awareness of PE. I don't know how else to contact you, but wanted to invite you to participate. The project is described in this month's PE foundation newsletter, and my email address is noted there also. I hope it is alright to contact you in this way.

With all the best wishes,